National Distribution Exclusives!

"Heat Treated " - Ball Bearing Retainer Nut

Nut's strong "Heat-Treated" Construction Designed for Extended Life!

Excellence in Design, Manufacture,
Function, and Durability!

  • Heat Treated Hardened Steel Design for Strength & Durability!
  • RC 45-48 .010 - .015 deep!
  • Made in USA!

Roll Away Clutch Body with replaceable Wear Plates

  • Hardened & ground Wear Plates fit in 4 recessed "pockets"!
  • Wear Plates are easily replaced!
  • Wear Plates can be indexed & reversed for longer life!
  • Each Wear Plate has 4 useable surfaces!

Spindle Thrust Bearing "Steel Cage" ABEC-5
equivalent part # 13-79

  • Made in the USA
  • Steel Ball Retainer
  • Manufactured to ABEC-5 Specifications
  • Replaces old style Plastic Retainer
At National, we design our thrust bearing with a steel cage at the urging of customers and the advise of bearing engineers! The engineers said that if a plastic or phenolic cage were in a "clean" environment that would be "fine" but "in a contaminated are, exposed to chips and dirt, the steel cage would stand up much better".

We made the bearing to ABEC-5 standards. This is two grades higher than the Davenport bearing and should result in better finishes and the ability to hold more accurate lengths on your parts! Click here for more information on the Spindle Thrust Bearing.

Bronze Slides for Davenport Burring Attachment

  • Extended Life!
  • More Durable Than Aluminum!
  • Improved Bearing Surface Contact!

Aluminum Slides for Davenport Burring Attachment
1263-5-10 aluminum

  • Still available in stock
  • Aluminum Slides!

Click here for more information on the Bronze Burring Attachment Slide.

Coaxial Adjusting Tool for Davenports

Instructions for Using National Distribution's CTSW-1 Coaxial Adjusting Tool For Adjusting Lower Thrust Ring Tension Screws

  1. Slide the stock reel back

  2. With the machine out of stock, jog it into a position which will allow line of site access to the lower thrust ring adjusting screw and nut.

  3. Engage the 1/4" set screw with the inner socket of the tool.

  4. Slide the outer 7/16" socket over the lock nut.

  5. Using a 5/8" open and wrench, turn the hex nut near the handle the tool counterclockwise. This releases the tension on the 1/4" set screw.

  6. With the 1/4" set screw loose, turn the handle clockwise which turns the 1/4" square socket. It is important to turn the handle until only a SLIGHTLY RESISTANCE is felt!

  7. While holding the tool handle, use the 5/8" open and wrench again near the handle to retighten the 7/16" lock nut.

Click here for more information on the Coaxial Adjusting Tool.

Front & Rear Tool Steel Cross Slides with wear plates for Davenports

  • Made of Hardened Tool Steel!
  • Easier to Install!
  • Improved Wear Plate!

Rear Cross Slide 5080-94-1-SA-WP

Front Cross Slide 5080-91-1-SA-WP

Excellence In Design, Manufacture, Function & Durability!
Replace your worn or broken front and rear cross slides with our improved product made of hardened tool steel. Unlike tool slides manufactured of cast iron, which require labor intensive hand grinding of mating parts, National Distribution, Inc. offers steel replacement which have been hardened to "53 ROCKWELL". They are precisely ground to exacting tolerances, perform more smoothly and have longer life. We have never had a T-slot area rip out in a crash!

Bonus Feature...the "Stop Holder" is removable for much easier installation and preventative maintenance.

Click here for more information on the Tool Steel Cross Slide.