National Distribution's Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: My Geometric Diehead needs replacement parts. Can National help?

A:National Distribution is one of the largest distributors of Geometric dieheads, parts and chasers in the country. We have a complete line of replacement parts at our disposal. A Greenfield Industries, Inc. two year warranty, back the integrity of these parts.

We also offer diehead repair services. You can send in your diehead for a free estimate.

National is an authorized Greenfield Industries Distributor and offers the above for H&G, Vers-O-Tool, and Acme Fette dieheads as well.

Q:My Brown & Sharpe Parts book is old and needs replacing. Does National have the Replacement Parts Book available?

A:National Distribution has been offering FREE B&S Replacement Parts Books to its customers for quite some time. To obtain a new copy simply call or fax your request and supply us with the machine model, capacity, and serial number. You will receive a new personalized book in a protective cover that shows your name and company on the front cover.

Q:I use needle bearings on my Davenport 2098 & 2102 outer spindles. Can I have the used spindles reground and fitted with National's MH-100-34 Quick Start Bearings?

A:Unfortunately Davenport outer spindles that have been previously fitted with needle bearings can not be reground to accept any bearing except another needle bearing. When fitted with a needle bearing, the bearing surface of the outer spindle must be ground to a diameter that will accept the needle-bearing sleeve. This outside diameter is too small to allow for other types of bearings to be used.

Q:I have a Reed and Salvo Rollhead Systems. Can I order thread rolls through National Distribution, Inc.?

A:Definitely!, Fette, and the Assembled Threading Tool Divisions of Greenfield Industries make thread rolls and chasers for other manufacturers. As their authorized representatives, we have no problem supporting Reed and Salvo (plus just about any others) users.

Q:I need quick responses to my pricing and availability inquiries. How quickly can I expect an answer to my requests?

A:Our qualified and courteous staff of professionals will accept your order by mail, phone or fax. The state-of the-art computer system that National Distribution Inc.has in place allows for instant responses to your phone inquiries. Faxed inquiries will promptly be responded to by computerized return fax. Inquiries for Davenport and Brown & Sharpe items should be faxed back to you within one hour. We highly recommend the use of faxed inquiries on lengthy lists.

Q:I am aware of the outstanding reputation that Boyar-Schultz has for their tool holder. I'm not sure if I can use them on my machines. Can you tell me what machines Boyar-Schultz tool holder will work on?

A:Boyar-Schultz is one of the most versatile lines of tool holder in the world. All Brown & Sharpe hand and automatics screw machines, to include TAR-M/S turning machines, CNC and PTC can use their holders. Other machines include BSA, Bardons & Oliver, Clausing, Conomatics, Covel, F.W. Derbyshire, Gishott, Hardinge, Hijorth, Index, Jones & Lamson, Leavitt, Logan, Monarch, National Acme, Rivett, Sheldon, South Bend, Wade, Warner & Swassey, Tornos-Bechler, Traub and Wickman Automatics. Basically any turning type machine can use Boyar-Schultz Screw machine tooling. We suggest that you give us a call with the details of your job so we can be of further assistance.

Q:What if I am not happy with an item received from National?

A:We have the most aggressive policy in the business. Every standard item we sell comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply call one of our sales representatives to receive a Returned Goods Authorization number and send the part back. If you prefer to have us replace the item, we will do so immediately. If requested, we will send you a replacement part UPS Red Label at no charge to you! Quality is a major benchmark at National. We want to know if there are any problems, no matter how small, with anything we supply.

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