Listed below is an extensive list of items that make it clear why National Distribution is a leader in supporting the screw machine industry. Our commitment to providing innovative products to your industry is second to none.

We stock Acme, Brown & Sharpe, Davenport and New Britain Screw Machine Parts. Support lines for these machines include Bijur, Brown & Sharpe Metrology, Nowak and Lipe Rollaway Royal Filtermist.

Tooling lines include Accu Trak, Acme Fette, Boyar-Schultz, Brookfield, Brown & Sharpe, Cleveland, Fette Tool Systems, Geometric, Green, Greenfield Industries, H&G, M&M, Marcellus, Micro 100, Quality, Royal Products, Swanson, Vers-O-Tool & Widell.

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Products / Solutions
National Distribution can provide, but are not limited to supply...

  • Adapters
  • Attachments
  • Bearings
  • Boring Bars
  • Box Tools
  • Bushings
  • Cam Blanks
  • Cam Rolls
  • Cam Pins
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Chasers
  • Collapsing Taps
  • Collets Tubes
  • Collets
  • Cut Off Blades
  • Cutting Tools
  • Die Heads
  • Drill Bushings
  • End Mills
  • Feed Fingers
  • Feed Tubes
  • Form Tool
  • Fixtures
  • Inserts
  • Inspection Equip.
  • Knurls
  • Lubricating
  • Plug Gages
  • Recess Tools
  • Ring Gears
  • Roll Heads
  • Slides
  • Spindles
  • Spindle Grinding
  • Thread Gages
  • Thread Rolls
  • Tool Bits
  • Tool Holders
  • Turret Tools
  • and more!

Davenport Parts
National Distribution is the largest supplier of non-original Davenport parts in the world. Our present Davenport Parts Price List is available immediately upon request. We presently inventory over 1,450 items for Davenport machines. Over the years we have perfected several Featured Items for the Davenports. These innovative items include:

5080-131-WP <> Roll-Away Clutch Body:
The unique design of our clutch body allows for and extended wear life as much as four times that of the OEM's original design. We designed the part to accept four hardened high speed steel wear plates that can be easily reversed and then turned over and used two more times. The wear plates provide the surface that make contact with the rollers as the machine indexes. The plates are then replaced for only $18.00 a set. With new wear plates, who knows how long this innovative item will last! Priced at just $94.50 there is no question that our design is far superior to the original version.

CTSW-1 <> Coaxial Adjusting Tool:
This specialty tool is designed specifically to insure that correct adjustments are made on the Davenport revolving head thrust ring. Anyone that has adjusted the lower screws and locking adjustment nuts knows what a messy and awkward job it is. Too often the lower screws are neglected and machine performance is effected. Before using the tool the machine must be out of stock, with the stock reel moved rearward. A simple set of steps of engaging and then disengaging the 1/4" & 7/16" sockets at the tool end allow for a quick, clean and easy adjustment. At only $75.00, no Davenport shop should be without one.

1263-5-10-B <> Bronze Burring Attachment Slide:
National Distribution continues to supply the original version of the bronze slide. The OEm stopped making the bronze version several years ago and now only provides this slide in aluminum. For some jobs the aluminum version works fine. We stock this version as well. However, the bronze slide is a heavy duty version with a better wear surface. Matting parts last longer. The "neck" on the aluminum version tends to twist or break off. Rebuild the aluminum slide or reinforcing the neck cost time and money! You will experience greater part life with a bronze slide!

5080-388-ND <> Thrust Bearing:
Manufactured to ABEC-5 specifications, this bearing still maintains the "steel cage" retainer no longer available in other bearings. At an every day price of $49.50 each, this is a National Distribution "BEST BUY."

5080-91-1-SA <> Tool Steel Cross Slide:
Available for the front or rear (5080-94-1-SA) not one of our tool steel slides has had a T Slot tear in the eight years they have been available! The slide is hardened to 53 Rockwell. All versions come with a precision ground dovetail that eliminates hours of labor intensive hand mating common on cast iron slides. They are so popular we now offer pre-fitted wear plates (5080-91-1-SA-WP) to protect the casting.

100-40-SA <> Barrel Chuck:
Customers have confirmed that barrel chucks account for more "even chucking" and "less run-out". The unit has eight spherical barrel rollers in a solid bronze cage. Unlike others, our version of the cage is hardened to AMCO 18. The National Barrel Chuck is the only version available with a grease-fitting hole that eliminates the need to remove and disassemble the unit when re-greasing is necessary. Since less force is required to operate a barrel chuck, wear on the contact parts (including the 328 bronze chuck slide) is reduced.

2486-2-SA <> Spindle Stopping Clutch Assembly:
National Distribution sells a large volume of quality spindle stopping clutches. We offer all the parts necessary to keep your stopping clutches running smoothly. We also offer superior rebuilding service with a fast turn around time.

5080-2103-9-SK <> Three Slotted Inner Spindles:
Designed to keep the spindle stronger, our solid key inner spindle eliminates the chance of broken keys. This design (also available in a two-slotted version 5080-2103-SK) provides improved concentricity and helps to keep the bearing surface intact.

446-7-1-SA <> Feed Tube Assembly:
Our version (also available for standard size spindles 446-10-SA) is very competitively priced. With the use of a "block stop", there are no pin alignment problems and proper seating on the bronze slide assembly is assured. The pre-lubricated ball bearings are sealed for low maintenance. Our version is completely interchangeable with original Davenport equipment.

MH-100-34 <> Quick Start Solid Bronze Bearing:
Manufactured with a super fine finish on the bearing surface, the one-piece bronze bearing allows first day operating at 2500 RPM and 3300 RPM after 12 to 16 hours. With the use of a special alloy bronze material, metal expansion from heat is reduced and concentricity is improved. We offer the bearing as an assembly when combined with either a standard size (2098) or oversize (2102) Outer Spindle. The assembly (2098-34-SA or 2102-34-SA) can also have the spindle reground and fitted with a new quick start bearing. We also offer a threaded version of the quick start bearing and close tolerance versions to meet your needs.

These are only a few of the Davenport Featured Items that separate National Distribution from other suppliers. For a complete listing call our TOLL FREE number at (800) 237-7051 and ask for a "Davenport Featured Item Folder."

Brown & Sharpe Parts & Tooling

National Distribution is an authorized distributor for B&S Screw Machine Services, Inc., the exclusive manufacturer authorized to produce original Brown & Sharpe screw machine parts and tooling. The parts we sell are manufactured to Brown & Sharpe's original prints. They are produced based on the original B&S manufacturing process.

In addition to offering the complete line of parts, we supply anyone who is a National Distribution B&S customer with FREE Replacement Parts Books! If you buy your parts from National, simply supply us with the serial number of your machine and we will supply you with a personalized copy of a replacement parts book!

Look to National for B&S Tooling. We stock adjustable knurl holders, box, burnishing, chamfering, circular, cut off, drilling, facing, floating reamer, forming, recessing, swing, tap vertical slide, etc., holders. In addition, we supply back rests, collets, feed fingers-bushings-masters-pads, stock stops, etc.

In addition to our original equipment parts and tooling, new at National is a (ST-2) Pneumatic Cross Drilling Attachment. Designed to eliminate cross drilling as a secondary job, the unit costs thousands of dollars less than the hard to find and expensive standard attachment. for many job shops, a unit like this will allow them to quote on work (using their B&S machines) that otherwise would be cost prohibitive. The unit is available for all model B&S screw machines and fits on either the slides or arms. You can order the unit with either a collet holder or chuck. The unit can be fitted with a maximum collet size of 3/8".

B&S Screw Machine Services, Inc. part and tooling availability is the best it has been in years. Our surveys conclude that there is a saving when original equipment B&S parts are used. They last longer, improve production and fit better than other versions. Call us to arrange a quote on having your B&S spindle redone.

Acme Parts

National Distribution has one of the fastest growing inventories of Acme parts available, although our Acme inventory is not as extensive as the Brown & Sharpe or Davenport lines. Over the years we have purchased a large quantity of original equipment parts. High wear items are in stock. Available to interested parties is our Master List of Acme parts. This is a computer-generated list of all Acme parts sold by National during the past eight years.

All of the parts on the list are available through National. We pride ourselves on being able to provide accurate pricing and availability on the parts that are not in stock the day you call. Most out of stock items can be delivered in one week!

1250-BC <>Barrel Chuck for 1-1/4" Acme RA 6/8:
Based on the huge success in Davenport, as well as its original use in the New Britain machines design, we were convinced that we could supply the screw machine industry with another innovative chucking item. After lengthy testing in 1996 & 1997 we introduced our Acme Barrel Chuck for 1-1/4" machines.

Our barrel chuck will make your Acme machine more productive, with less down time, smoother stock feeding and extended part life. Closer tolerances can be held. With a barrel chuck there are no pins to break off, levers to replace, or contaminants to remove. Lubrication is easy, infrequent and inexpensive. What is of special interest is the fact that the price of this part is less than the total of all the parts it replaces.

With the use of 8 barrels (instead of just 3 levers), the barrel chuck has a much greater contact area. This feature allows for more consistent pressure. All of the parts are made of hardened steel except for the bronze retainer and bronze inserts. The use of the bronze retainer stops contaminants from entering the assembly. The inserts are hardened and hold the barrels in place. A grease hole allows for simple greasing by removing just on set screw. Installation is easy, with no modification to the machine. As usual, the barrel chuck comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call today and let National be "Your Ready Source" for Acme parts and tooling!

New Britain Parts

Similar to our Acme line, National Distribution has a large inventory of original equipment New Britain parts. We have "hard to fond" bearing, speed spindles, gears, etc. Available is our New Britain Master Parts List that will show you all the New Britain parts sold by National Distribution over the past 8 years. If you review the list it will be clear that we can be an asset to you for New Britain parts and tooling.

Quotes for pricing and availability will be completed promptly. delivery on out of stock items average one week for 90% of the New Britain parts we provide. The tracking of back ordered items is performed on a timely basis to insure your satisfaction. As usual our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is in place for all New Britain parts and tooling.