"Heat Treated "

Nut's strong "Heat-Treated" Construction Designed for Extended Life!

Excellence in Design, Manufacture,
Function, and Durability!

  • Heat Treated Hardened Steel Design for Strength & Durability!
  • RC 45-48 .010 - .015 deep!
  • Made in USA!

  • Prevents Tooling Burn-Up
  • Projects Coolant Oil Pump
  • Larger Strainer Area

National's solution to prevent coolant stoppage or coolant flow interruption and to reduce the frequency of strainer cleaning, is the 207-SA SPECIAL. An excellent product for a very small investment. This strainer will help prevent tooling burn-up and help improve product finish.

National Distribution, Inc.
  • Quality Replacement Parts At Competitive Pricing -because National Distribution, Inc. deals directly with the manufacturer in quantity, we are able to pass those savings on to our customers!
  • Extensive Inventory / Same-Day Shipping -means decreased downtime for you!
  • Knowledgeable Sales Staff -saves you time and money!

Spindle Stopping Clutch available from National Distribution, Inc.
Superior Repair Service for your Davenport Spindle Stopping Clutches!

  • Superior Repair Service- National Distribution, Inc. provides speedy, expert repairs & reconditioning of your Davenport Spindle Stopping Clutches and component parts!
  • Fast Turnaround Available / Decreased Downtime- If an unusually fast turnaround is needed, National Distribution, Inc. will let you trade-in your old parts for a new set! Call today for the details.

Click here for more information on the Spindle Stopping Clutch.

Roll-Away Clutch Bodywith replaceable Wear Plates
Click here for more information about the Roll-Away Clutch Body
  • Hardened & ground Wear Plates fit in 4 recessed "pockets"!
  • Wear Plates are easily replaced!
  • Wear Plates can be indexed & reversed for longer life.
  • Wear Plate has 4 usable surfaces!

Feed Tube Assembly with Ball Bearings & Block Stop
446-7-1-SA oversize


  • Block Stop design insures proper seating on Bronze Side Assembly!
  • No more Pin alignment problems!
  • Prelubricated Ball Bearings sealed for low maintenance!
  • low friction feeding stroke!
  • Zero backlash in Assembly!
  • Self-aligning Feed Tube!
  • No fitting required in side rails!
  • Component parts completely interchangeable with original Davenport equipment!
  • Block Stop insert is welded to sleeve and will rotate until it contacts bronze yoke. New No-Pin design eliminates alignment problems.

Click here for more information on the Feed Tube Assembly.

Assembly #446-7-1-SA (oversize spindle)
13-28 Ball Bearing (2 req.)
446-7 Bronze Slide Assembly
446-8 Sleeve
446-8-1 Spacer
446-8-2 Washer (2 req.)
446-10 Adapter Sleeve (standard size)
644-2-10 Feed Tube Nut
644-2-11 Clamp Nut
2108-W Feed Tube Washer
5080-2105 Feed Tube

#446-10-SA Standard Size Assembly

Tool Post Stop 2186-SA
National Distribution designed this part to help customers maintain the highest tolerances possible on side working jobs. The use of a quality machine tool post stop will eliminate additional machining steps. The screw angles on our stop are precisely ground and set to original Davenport specifications. Users of our competitively priced stop tell us that they are able to achieve maximum tool travel accuracy and extended part and tooling life.

National's Davenport Barrel Chucking

  • Extended Life!
  • Fewer Adjustments!
  • Smooth Chucking!
  • Cooler Operation!
  • Reduces Spindle Vibration!
P/N Description Quantity
100-23 Spherical Roller 8
100-31 Inner Sleeve 1
100-31 Outer Sleeve 1
100-40 Outer Housing 1
100-40-1 Bronze Brg. Retainer 1
100-40-2 Steel Cage Washer 1
100-40-3 Spring Pin 1
100-44 Delrin Ring 1
100-31-K Key 1
National's new Barrel Chucking mechanism is now available for Davenport five spindle automatics. This unit has eight spherical rollers (barrels) in a solid bronze cage, held in place by a hardened steel cage washer.

The barrel chuck can be used on 2 or 3 slot inner spindles. Use of the three slot inner spindle will result in longer life of parts, more even chucking and less run-out.

The smooth operation of the barrel chuck is the result of optimum surface contact of the barrels. Also, less force is needed to operate the barrel chuck resulting in less wear on the bronze chuck slide part #328.

National recommends using (3) Extension Inner Spindles for optimum performance.However, the (2) Extension Inner Spindles will perform adequately.

  • (3) Extension Oversize Inner Spindle, #5080-2103-9
  • (3) Extension Regular Inner Spindle, #5080-2220-4
  • (2) Extension Burring Spindle for Barrel Chucking is standard #1263-9-1
  • (3) Extension Regular Burring Spindle, #1263-9-26
  • (3) Extension Ext. Bed Burring Inner Spindle, #1263-9-26-L (available on request)

Units are grease packed with Lubriplate #1200-2

General life expectancy of grease is 4,000 hours.

Free inspection by customer! Money Back Guarantee!

Click here for more information on National's Davenport Barrel Chucking.

Fibre Threading Clutch Body
For Davenport Threading Attachment
5080-226-41-2-K Now With Metal Keys

  • Metal key clutch body eliminates fibre key sharing problem.
  • Exceptionally valuable at high "brass threading" spindle speeds.
  • Metal key clutch body fits snugly on threading clutch shaft.
  • Ideal for "heavy" threading jobs.

Adjustable Spacer for Davenport Pick- off Spindle
  • Eliminates stocking different size rings.
  • No "shimming" needed.
  • Quick to adjust.
  • Stays locked after adjustment.
  • Guaranteed repeatability.
  • Bronze alloy won't wear spindle.

For use in the 3rd and 5th position on the Pick-off attachment.

Mounts on burring spindle between the stop and drive collar.

Minimum Width: 5/8"

Maximum Width: 15/16"

Chuck Side Assembly 328 Cast Bronze
  • Made in the USA.
  • Cast in high quality bronze for durability and extended wear.
  • Includes: # 759-Roll, # 748-2 Pin, # 748-1 Stud.

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  • Rolls & Pins
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  • Outer Spindles
  • Chuck Lever Sleeves
  • Chuck Lever Fulcrums
  • Many more items

  • New! Longer Solid Key!
  • No keyway cut leaves our Spindle STRONGER!
  • No more lost or broken keys!
  • Bearing surface remains intact!
  • Sold Key design gives better concentricity!
  • No welding- Solid Key won't pop out!

Quick Start Solid Bronze Bearing for Davenport Automatics

  • Higher Speed, greater accuracy, longer life!
  • Special Alloy Bronze!
  • Easy to Install!
  • Tighter I.D. Tolerances!
  • More Cost effective!
  • Available for reground spindles too!

Bronze Bearing with Outer Spindle
Standard Size Assembly
Part# 2098-34-SA
Part# 210-34-SA