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Davenport Screw Machines

National Distribution, Inc. is one of the world’s largest suppliers of repair parts for Davenport screw machines. Please call for immediate pricing, or request a quote.

Davenport Screw Machine Parts at Competitive Prices

Our current inventory is in excess of 1,500 unique parts and growing. Over the years, besides providing quality parts, we have added and introduced innovative Davenport screw machine parts, such as:

Davenport - Straight Pin Fulcrum
Straight Pin Fulcrum
Bronze Chuck and Feed Slide Assembly
Davenport - Thrust-Bearing
Davenport - Front-and-Rear-Worm-Wheel
Front and Rear Worm Wheel
Tool Steel Cross Slide
Davenport - Barrel Chuck
Barrel Chuck
Davenport Two or Three Slotted Inner Spindles
Two or Three Slotted Inner Spindles
“Heat Treated” Ball Bearing Retainer Nut
National Distribution Special
Large Intermediate 40T Gear
Davenport Roll-Away Clutch Body
Roll-Away Clutch Body
Davenport - Tool Post Stop
Tool Post Stop
Davenport- Fibre Threading Clutch Body
Fibre Threading Clutch Body
Davenport - Outer Spindle Bronze Bearing
Outer Spindle Bronze Bearing
Pump Gear Set with Shafts
7/8" Wide Plastic Cage Bearing
Davenport Special Strainer Basket
Special Strainer Basket

Put your Trust in National Distribution, Inc.

National Distribution, Inc. is directly involved with our exclusive manufacturing partners. Being so, we are at an advantage to pass the savings on to you, our customer, while monitoring production progress to ensure quality and on-time deliveries.

Our goal is to continually meet the expectations that our customers require from us. So, please feel free to put your trust in us. You won’t be disappointed.

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