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Screw Machine Tooling

Screw Machine Tooling

National Distribution is a true “One-stop Shop” for your machining needs. In conjunction with the repair parts, we represent leading manufacturers of screw machine tooling for all machines.

These manufacturers have not only stood the test of time, but have surpassed the needs and demands of our valued customers. Below you will find some of the screw machine tooling we provide for your machine’s needs.


More Screw Machine Tooling

  • Knurls Holders – Knurling Dies, Convex, Concave, Bump, Diamond, Straight, Left/Right
  • Thread Rolls - All styles offered for all the major attachments-Davenport, CJ Winter, Fette, Reed
  • Taps – Bottoming taps, Plug taps, Gun taps, Thread forming taps etc.
  • Drills - Spotting and Chamfering, Jobber, Screw machine length, Parabolic & Drill blanks.  Available in HSS, Carbide, Cobalt etc.
  • Broaching - Internal and external broaches.  All types of broach holders and broaches available.
  • Cut-Off Blades  T-type & JCO (Johnson style) – Blades available for immediate delivery.  Single end, double end, brazed & coated in material of your choice.  M2, T15, Carbide C2 & C6 & Cobalt
  • Marcellus Style Drill Bushing - Drill bushings in all popular sizes and styles. Style O (5/8”x7/8”) Style OO (1/2”x3/4”) and Style 2(1”x1-1/4”)
  • Tap Bushing - Tap bushings and Bushing sets available for Style O, OO & 2
  • Dovetail Blanks – Dovetail form and shave tool blanks ready for delivery in material of your choosing M2, M42, T15 or REX76.
  • Chasers & Die-Head - Geometric style die-heads style D, DS, DSA KD. H&G die-heads. Vers-o-tool die-heads. Chasers available for D, DS, DSA KD, 100, 101 or 00 styles.
  • Circular Blanks - Circular tool blanks available in various sizes ranging in width from 1/4″ to 2”. M2, M42, T15, REX76.
  • Drill/Reamer Blanks - Have a special project needing special drills and reamers? No worries! At National, you can get drill and reamer blanks quickly.
  • Saws - We offer a variety of saws:  Slotting saws, Slitting saws & Jewelers saw. Available in HSS, Carbide & Cobalt, etc.  Resharpening and re-coating service is also available.
  • Cams - Cams offered for B&S, Davenport, Acme-Gridley, New-Britain and all other cam mechanical machines. Standard cams are usually in stock. Made-to-order cams are usually ready within a week.
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Custom Tools - We offer custom tooling service per your print or specifications.  Drill, Taps, Inserts, Gages, Saws, Form tools, Dovetail tools, Broaches, Knurls, Cams and Reamers etc.
  • Precision Measuring Instruments- All types of great quality measuring equipment including Digital calipers, Analog calipers. We offer two-year warranty on most calipers.
  • Thread Gages - We provide all types of gages for your threading jobs. Ring gage, Plug gage, Acme Thread, J Thread, Handles & Specials. Certifications also available.
  • Acorn Dies – Acorn (button) dies and Holders.
  • Hollow Mills – Hollow mill holders and threading dies available in various sizes. Starting at #1=.625”OD, #2=.875”OD, #3=1.250”OD.
  • Collets - All types of collets for every turning machine. Spindle collets, Burring collets, Master collets, collet pads, 5C collets, 16C collets, 20C collets, 25C collets,  Extended nose collets, Emergency collets, Sure grip collets,  Double angle collets, ER collets, 22J collets, TF20 collets,  Collet kits and Wrenches.
  • Collet Chucks  – CAT50,  CAT40,  ER series, R8, power chucks, 3Jaw chucks, 4Jaw chucks, Air chucks, Collet adaptation chucks & Keyless drill chucks etc.