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Thread Rolling

National Distribution offers many options to meet all your thread rolling needs. See below some of the many options we offer to help meet any of our customer’s needs.

From thread rolls and attachments to machine dies,
CJWinter offers custom solutions for your material forming needs.

Reed and Hi-Life Tools manufacture flat thread rolling dies under the strictest quality standards and most precise dimensional control – to ensure perfectly matched threads of the correct lead angle on a pair of mating dies.

LMT Fette rolling heads create exterior profiles of any type. Cold forming enables high accuracy in just seconds.

Form Rol knurls and knurling tool holders are made to extremely high standards and from the finest material available. Over 1000 different sizes and styles for circular and diametrical systems.

RSVP Tooling is a leading supplier of high production external threading tools. The RSVP range of thread cutting and thread rolling tools include dieheads and chasers.

Landis offers thread rolls for ISPE, Kinifac, Landis, Reed, Tesker, and other types of cylindrical two die type machines.
Rolls are also offered for Alco, Fette, and Landis thread rolling heads.

Salvo offers custom solutions to all your rolling needs. Thread rolls, repair parts, holders, adapters, etc.